Starting a blog!

So I’m going to start a blog. This is that blog. I haven’t thought of a name for it yet. But for now we’ll call it the Josh Nichols Golf Blog. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue but whatever. (I’m going to say blog as many times as possible until blog starts to sound normal. Blog.)

I’m going to start things off slow. My first blog post will be about why I think it’s important for me to blog:

First of all, I’ve been a pretty shy person my whole life. I’ve never been one to yell out what I think. I tend to lack the self-confidence to say what’s on my mind or speak highly of myself. Even the one thing that I love more than anything else, golf, I am shy to talk about. When people ask me how golf is going I either paint a bleak picture or I shove the whole conversation off. I say something like “I’ve never really played as well as I hoped” with a sort of frowny face. I shouldn’t be afraid to brag about myself. I’ve been doing this for 12 years! (Actually almost 13. Whoa.) Yes, I’ve had my share of rough stretches, but I’ve also had some pretty good times. This blog is my space to talk about myself, both good and bad. And if I’m lucky maybe it’ll help me be more comfortable talking about myself in real life. You know, to real people.

Second, some people may actually care about what I’m doing. Though if I’m honest, there’s maybe five people that will be seriously interested in what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis. And thank you those five people! This blog is for you!

But, in all honesty, this blog is for me. Just like everyone, I struggle with staying motivated and focused and on-task and all those other productivity things. So having a place that’s public where I talk about my goals and my vision along with my shortcomings and mistakes, it will make me want to improve that much more. And also there’s nothing quite like getting vague thoughts that swim around in my head into writing. It’s a wonderful freedom.

So the most important thing that can come out of this blog is that I learn more about myself and how to improve as a person and a golfer. And that’s what’s important. That I push myself to be better.


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