Triad Golf Today Tournament of Champions


I finished the Triad Golf Today Tournament of Champions yesterday. I tied for 3rd place out of 13 guys.

After my first round of a one-under 71, I was excited to see how my game would hold up in the final round going in tied for lead. But it didn’t hold up very well at all. I shot a 78, and I just could never get a shot or a putt to do what I wanted. I felt comfortable and loose early on, but as the round progressed and I hit more and more lousy shots and misread more and more putts, I just got frustrated. Which is disappointing because I told myself after yesterday’s round that I wasn’t going to care where the ball went or how I played, that I was just going to play and see how my game reacted to the moment. But when my game was reacting poorly, my mood changed.

This was great experience for me, because now I know even better that when I play bad I get irritated. But I have to be objective about it. It was early in the season. I haven’t played well many times yet in practice this year. So for me to expect a great couple of rounds when I wasn’t even sure if I was going to hit a draw or a fade on any given shot or start a putt on line is pretty unreasonable.

It was immature of me to expect to blow it away with how my non-tournament play has been. And I didn’t adjust my expectations. So next time I’m going into a tournament, I have to assess my game honestly and adjust my expectations accordingly.

Lesson learned. Now back to work.


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