Boring is Exciting


2016 Carolinas Amateur Qualifying

Finished 5th out of 69 shooting 69 (-2)

Finally. I played a boring round of golf.

Yes I’m happy to have done something boring.

What do I mean by boring? Hitting accurate shots off the tee, hitting a lot of greens, having a lot of birdie putts. I didn’t make a bunch of birdies, which is boring. But on the flippity flip I didn’t make a lot of bogeys. Lots of pars. Very boring. But that type of golf gets the job done. And it’s stress free. Which I like. If every round I ever play is just like this I would be perfectly content. (Duh Josh you shot 69.)

Carolinas Am qualifier front 9.PNG

Carolinas Am qualifier back 9

I did have one exciting moment as you can see. I had an eagle on my second hole. It was probably about a 50 foot putt. That made me happy.

This boring round got me through to the Carolinas Amateur Championship on July 14-17 at Country Club of Charleston. Super excited.

So yeah. I got back up.


P.S. My next tournament isn’t the Carolinas Amateur! It’s the Eastern Amateur. But you should know that because you already looked at my upcoming events page. Right? RIGHT???


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