U.S. Amateur Sectional Qualifying

July 19-20
U.S. Amateur Sectional Qualifying
Monroe CC – Monroe, NC

Click here for final results >>

Only two rounds. Top three people qualify to go to the U.S. Amateur.

T21 out of 98 shooting 7171 (-2)

Tournament stats:
Scoring average – 71 (-1)
16/28 fairways (57%)
26/36 greens (72%)
7/10 up-and-downs (70%)
59 putts (1.64 putts per hole)
1.7 putts per green in regulation (GIR)
5 birdies
28 pars
3 bogeys

The course was pretty short, so I expected to hit a lot of greens. So I’m happy with the Greens stat. But the Fairways stat is a real problem. I was hitting the driver very inconsistently and shorter than normal. And in order to compete in a qualifier like that my PPGIR needs to be a lot lower (I need to be taking advantage of my GIRs and making more birdies!). So in review of the two rounds I’m happy with my approach shot game inside 190 yards, but my tee shots and my putting really need a lot of work. I’ve always considered those two things to be the most crucial parts of my game that contribute the most to me playing well. So the fact that I was under par for the tournament either shows that the rest of my game was very solid, or just how easy the course was!

This confirms my suspicions of what I need to work on, which is great. Just gotta keep working.

Final leaderboard:

Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 8.46.58 PM.png

Round 2 scorecard (started on hole #10)

Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 8.54.31 PM.png

Round 2 stats:
9/14 fairways (64%)
10/18 greens (56%)
6/8 up-and-downs (75%)
26 putts
1.7 putts per GIR

Round 2 tee time: 10:20am on hole #10 (2 hour delay due to overnight storms)

Leaderboard going into Second Round:

For the first time in a long time, I actually hit the ball better than I putted. Usually it’s the other way around. But I actually think my putting is holding me back right now.

Round 1 scorecard:

Front 9 stats:
2/7 fairways
8/9 greens
18 putts
2.00 putts per GIR

Back 9 stats:
5/7 fairways
8/9 greens
15 putts
1.75 putts per GIR

Round 1 stats:
7/14 fairways (50%)
16/18 greens (89%)
1/2 up-and-downs (50%)
33 putts
1.875 putts per GIR


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