69th Forsyth Invitational Championship

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August 5-7
69th Forsyth County Invitational Golf Championship
Reynolds Park, Tanglewood Championship, Maple Chase – Forsyth County, NC

FIRST out of 132 shooting 696568 (-11)

This tournament was a real learning experience for me. I learned that I don’t have to be hitting the ball exactly how I want to or putting it perfectly in order to win. I just have to know where the ball is going. No matter how ugly it is. If I know where the ball is going then I can make do with what I have.


I see this as a turning point for me. Up until this tournament I used to always fight my swing and the game that I had. I have never really just let it go and played how I was meant to play at that moment. I was always afraid at what could result if I didn’t try to wrangle control over my game. But this time, for the first time, I just played. If I was hitting a 30 yard slice with my driver, I would play the 30 yard slice. If I couldn’t start putts on the line on the golf ball, then I wouldn’t line up the ball. I used to fight these things. I used to think “Well the pros all hit pretty shots and their putts roll on the line on their golf ball”, and that maybe true. But the bigger issue is that they know where their ball is going. And for me in that pressure moment, I didn’t need to fight my game. I needed to love my game. And the result speaks for itself.

Final Round68 (-4)

Maple Chase CC

Tee time: 1:30 on #1 (final group)

Second round65 (-5)

Tanglewood Championship

Tee time: 8:20 on #10

First round69 (-2)

Reynolds Park GC – Winston Salem, NC

Tee time: 1:20 on #1


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